Start Earning With Online Paid Survey Jobs

Paid Surveys in the UKWhat do paid surveys involve?

Paid surveys involve taking online questionnaires on a variety of different topics that market research companies need data for. You will have to answer multiple choice questions, text entry based questions or a combination of both.  In some cases you will be shown certain images or video clips and asked your opinions on them.Most online survey quizzes are fairly simple and do not take a great deal of complex thought. The data that marketers seek is usually fairly simple and straight forward.

Requirements for completing paid surveys

Online survey jobs do not have many specific requirements apart from being a certain age and having the means to accept payment. Most online survey companies will pay via paypal, cheque, direct bank deposit, moneybookers and vouchers. In some rare cases or under special circumstances survey companies also pay out respondents in cash. Usually applicants will have to be aged 16 or over. This means that paid surveys are essentially a work at home job for teens and above. Marketers and research agencies look to collect data from specific targeted demographic groups. A lot of research surveys for alcoholic products are designed for students and young people. Whereas surveys focused on financial and lending data are designed for older consumers.Overall all you need is the ability to work from home, have internet access and a computer or mobile device to answer the survey questions. This can be done free from a mobile phone; there are lots of android and iphone apps for paid surveys. Therefore this is a job that can be undertaken on the move.

Rates of pay and job rewards

Online surveys can be very well paid indeed. Data is what drives marketing today and researchers are willing to pay for quality information. Most survey companies are free to join and do not have a membership fee.Highly qualitative surveys where you are giving your in depth opinions on issues can pay £25 and upwards. Simpler tick box surveys which only take a few minutes typically pay £1-£3 per entry.

Job perks and benefits

Responding to surveys is a very relaxed way to work from home or out of the office. They are for the most part safe, genuine, legit and really work. A lot of self employed individuals in the UK and Ireland use questionnaires as a way to create extra cash on a regular basis. You get to contribute to some pretty important data collection projects including surveys and polls from the government.

There is not much scope for direct promotion in the paid surveys job industry. However gaining an understanding of market research is valuable in itself. Taking part in research project helps you understand how market research is conducted. Gaining this experience can help you in securing secondary roles in this industry.

UK paid survey reviews

Toluna UK: Rating: 4 / 5

Toluna UK
Earn points for sharing your opinion, taking part in polls, and doing surveys. Points can be exchanged for gift vouchers or cash (through PayPal). The minimum payout is £5 and users report waiting up to 6 weeks to get paid.

MySurvey: Rating: 3 / 5

Mysurvey gets mixed reviews from users. Most say that once you reach the payout level you get your money without problems. However the journey can be lengthy to get there and some users become frustrated by being told they “do not qualify” half way through a survey.

YouGov: Rating: 5 / 5

YouGov is probably the most prestigious and respected paid survey panel in this list. It provides important data for national government polls. You opinions here will go towards election polls, NHS opinion data etc. A very high-end and trustworthy survey company.

SurveySavvy: Rating: 4 / 5

Online survey jobs

SurveySavvy gets solid reviews and recommendations from its users. The only downfall is that it takes a little while to start getting offered surveys. But when they do come in they pay well and are fairly simple to complete. Definitely worth a sign up.

Honest Rewards: Rating: 4 / 5

HonestRewards, as their name indicates these guys are straight up and honest. They offer frequent surveys and have a low payout limits. Never read a bad review about them.

Pinecone Research: Rating: 4 / 5

The team at Pinecone Research have operated for a long time and are still attracting new sign ups and increasing their surveys. Almost all users report well paid surveys and little hassle in cashing out. The only draw back is that survey invitations are sparse at times.

SurveyHead: Rating: 3 / 5

SurveyHead are less established than some of the big players, yet the majority their panelists seem to be satisfied. The pay rate is reasonable and the surveys are not too taxing. The only downfall is it can take a while for credits to go into your account while they verify completion with the survey vendors.

Myview: Rating: 3.5 / 5

Myview seems like a pretty solid community, they are honest with their members and don’t delay in giving their users cash out rewards. The survey acceptance rate also seems pretty high. The downfall is that the rewards are in amazon or other online vouchers instead of straight up cash.

Epoll: Rating: 2.5 / 5

Epoll is a reliable source for getting paid and earning points. However the reward to time invested ratio is pretty low and the credits can only be used for gift cards or online spending. However it seems pretty easy and if you have spare time it might be worth a shot. You should note that the rewards are for US stores so you’ll only realistically be able to use them for digital purchases like mp3s etc.

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