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Freelance Writing Jobs UKFreelance writing job roles and duties

The position involves writing content for either a single or various niches. A lot of the work involves writing for businesses on the web. However there are plenty of opportunities to work with offline companies such as newspapers and magazines. Articles will typically start at a minimum of 400/500 words and range up to extensive pieces with a word count in the thousands. You will need to write content that is grammatically correct, engaging, interesting and often sells a product or idea.

Skills and qualifications needed

The skills and qualifications you need will differ; depending on if you’re going for entry level jobs or high paid positions.The bare minimum you will need is the ability to write fluently in English, have good spelling/grammar skills and follow a client’s brief. For high paid positions where you’ll gain lots of referrals and repeat business you’ll need that little something extra. This will come from your own strengths (be they natural or learned).

Desirable qualities in writers include creativity, the ability to sell, create excitement and the capability to adapt to different subjects. You can undertake freelance writing training courses from various agencies. Alternatively you can start in lower paid ‘no experience required’ positions and work your way up through reputation building.

Networking is also important in the freelance writing business. The more potential clients you can reach and build relationships with the better your pay/employment opportunities will be. Freelance marketplace websites are a good place to build up business relationships and start earning money quickly.

Average earnings for freelance writers

If you are undertaking writing gigs online then the pay is most likely to be in US Dollars. Dollars are the currency of the internet and they unite entrepreneurs the world over. For fluent English writers the pay rate can be very rewarding; you should never sell yourself short. The very least a competent writer should get paid is 2-4c per word (that is $10-$20 per 500 words). However if you have something a little bit above the rest then you can charge more for your services. Quality writers who have built up a reputation for themselves earn $50 and beyond per 500 words.

Benefits of being a freelance writer

Freelance writing jobs in the UK are a great way to get paid whilst working from home. You can work in your own time and be in an environment that is entirely comfortable. Having a home office is a dream for a lot of people; freelance writing makes that dream a reality. If you network well and figure out how much you can charge the hourly rate of pay can be enormous. Online writers who are at the top of their game can earn over $100 per hour. Freelancers who are published in national newspapers and magazines can end up with an hourly rate in the thousands (although these are exceptional cases). It’s true that writing from home can provide you an income that will match or surpass your current salary.

Freelance writing jobs probably bring the best value in terms of career enhancement. Writing web content passively gives you a wide range of secondary skills that are useful and valuable. A good writer is also a marketer, researcher, salesman and SEO professional. I personally started my online career as a freelancer; through this I’ve gained the skills to put me in my current position in digital marketing. I can personally testify that the skills you gain are transferable and profitable.

How to find freelance writing jobs

There are a huge amount of vacancies online for budding writers. There are also a lot of different ways to find and apply for them. You can find freelance writing jobs that pay upfront or alternatively work on a billing after delivery system. Usually when you are working with a new client they will pay upfront until trust has been built up. After this you’ll work on a more mutual basis where the client will probably pay after delivery.

Marketplaces for entry level jobs:

  • oDesk

Methods for gaining high paid writing jobs:

  • Forum contributions to indirectly market your services
  • Building your own website to take orders
  • Cold calling websites and businesses with samples of your work

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