Vibe Tech Media Exclusive Interview!

Vibe Tech Media Copywriting

This post is a round up of an interview conducted with Grant Draper from Vibe Tech Media. Grant is a full time freelance copywriter and internet marketer, he is well respected and has written for a range of large recognised brands. BSE thanks Grant for taking the time to share his expertise and experience with our readers.

3 Tips for Freelance Sanity

Sleep is the Enemy

[Guest post] Three tips that I (Sam Wright) have found invaluable for keeping my head together after two years of working for myself as a freelance writer. This post details some simple ways to keep mentally healthy and productive whilst working as a freelancer online.

Minimum wage versus Entry level self employment in the UK

self employed vs minimum wage comparison

This info graphic looks at the difference in earnings between various entry level jobs in the UK. The results are quite astonishing and the hourly rate for entry level self employed jobs is much larger. With a faltering economy and less jobs available working from home on a self-employed basis is becoming more appealing. The fact that you can earn a lot more is also a great incentive for many individuals. However as always there is a down side, with freelance self employed income there is no guarantee of steady work. Which tempts you most?

Going Self-Employed – Is It For You?

Going Self Employed UK

Going self employed is no trivial matter; it is a life changing decision. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, but no matter what happens your life will be dramatically different. It is up to each individual to ask themselves if they are willing to take the gamble, and if so what do they stand to gain/lose?